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Event Planning

Live Stream Your Wedding at Raintree


Your wedding day is quickly approaching and not only is there stress of COVID mandated health orders, but your grandparents, your best friend, or favorite aunt lives across the country and doesn’t feel safe flying right now.

I work with brides every day navigating the unknown when it comes to planning their wedding day.

What I’ve learned through these unprecedented times are, my brides who went forward with their wedding day are so happy they did, and my brides who’ve pushed their wedding day back, once hopeful for more normalcy, are still stressed the pandemic is looming over their backup date.

When life gives us lemons, toss them in some sweet tea and add a sprig of mint… or live stream!

Wedding trends continue to change, and wedding live streaming is becoming increasingly popular.

A digital component makes sense right now. Thanks to technology, your nearest and dearest can absolutely be a part of your wedding day; witnessing the ceremony without being physically present.

It’s safe to say the pandemic has been the catalyst for most future weddings and events being a combination of part live and part virtual guests. I was surprised to learn how affordable it is with options from live streaming the ceremony only, to ceremony and reception, and from one to multiple cameras.

At Raintree, we work with reputable professionals in the Akron-Canton, Ohio area to perfect your day.

Leave live streaming to the virtual entertainment professionals though! Professionals will test the internet connection beforehand and troubleshoot any problems the day of. They live stream wedding moments and memories from different angles, transitioning beautifully from one scene to the next for those attending virtually and prevent your guests from motion sickness. Don’t forget to ask about keeping a recording of your live feed and experience what your virtual guests enjoyed later.

Smile at the camera! Don’t forget about your live streaming guests. Make sure to take a moment and look directly at the camera to make your guests feel more engaged and a part of your wedding celebration.

When it comes to capturing your celebration, live streaming comes with its own virtual etiquette. To avoid any embarrassing faux pas, I’m happy to work with you to ensure virtual wedding etiquette success.