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Event Planning

Meet Dawn Fatheree


Raintree's Expert Event Director

Welcome! I’m Dawn and I’m here to make your wedding day FUN and stress-free!

A little about me… I turned 50 years old last summer, just lost over 50 lbs. on Keto, and in a super fun quality of life phase I call “50’s & Fabulous!” I am Sofia & Rowan’s grandmomma [another arriving April 2020!], Mariah & Brooke’s mom, and Jeremy and Alex’s mother-in-love. Traveling to different destinations, I am always up for an adventure. Perhaps a little bit quirky, I would rather go to Home Depot and work on a house project then go to the mall, I’d rather have unlimited car washes than have my nails done, and I gag when I see someone brushing their teeth, even on tv! I love white tulips. I love winters by the fireplace, springtime watching my gardens burst into flowers, summertime constantly being active outdoors (biking & paddle boarding), and autumn’s splendor!

As a firm believer that everything in life that is most important money cannot buy: family, genuine friendships, a babies first cry, hand-picked flowers, a magical 1st kiss, watching a sunrise, the serenity of a sunset, the majesty of a thunderstorm, laughing till you cry, getting butterflies even after time has gone by, the list goes on forever… my faith is absolutely important to me. I like to work hard and play harder and I love the memories that go down in the book of “OMGosh!” Utterly besotted with my grandbabies and being a sweet ole grandma, they said I should learn to iron… so I did. I strength train 3x per week. I’m not getting older; I’m just becoming a classic, and hair color is my friend!

I love weddings and I’m so lucky when newly engaged couples choose me to play a role in one of their most meaningful days. In the brief season in life we share planning your day, know it’s an honor that I don’t take lightly. Seeing you walk down the aisle always takes my breath away and happy tears are mine in the friendship we’ve made. Behind the scenes I am sprinkling fairy dust and I love when my brides send me their baby photos and stay in touch.

Submit an inquiry and allow to me help make your special day perfect!