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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue. For the Modern Bride


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in her shoe. We’ve all heard it, but what does it really mean? This is a romantic old, traditional rhyme that details what a bride should wear at her wedding for good fortune.

Something Old

Back in the day, having “something old” meant something entirely different. Way back when, something old was the tradition for brides to wear to ward off the evil eye, thus blocking infertility.

In modern day terms, “something old” is now a sentimental piece of something handed down to the bride like an heirloom before the ceremony representing continuity.

Ideas: A locket or pin incorporated into the bouquet. Think of the jewelry you loved as a child and incorporate that into your wedding day, or a swatch of fabric from a loved one’s garment that is no longer worn, wrapped around the bouquet or sewn into the lining of the dress.

Something New

As you walk into a new season in life together, the meaning of “something new” can be a gift from someone or a treat yourself to something moment.

Ideas: A new piece of jewelry, your wedding dress, your new initials embroidered, or a new perfume.

Something Borrowed

Keeping in tradition, “something borrowed” is thought to bring good luck! What was borrowed back then was the undergarments of a female family member or friend that was happy with healthy children. It’s the whole fertility thing again.

Nowadays, thankfully it is enough to borrow something of sentimental value such as a piece of jewelry or something special to tuck into your bouquet.

Ideas: Your veil, a piece of jewelry, or a borrowed handbag.

Something Blue

You may have wondered why the garter worn under the bride’s white dress was blue. Blue stands for love, purity and fidelity and yes, it used to be worn to deflect the evil eye.

Most garter’s have a touch of blue on it; however, you may incorporate blue as a subtle touch in flowers, or a ribbon tucked away somewhere.

Ideas: Your garter, a simple blue flower tucked in your bouquet if blue is not one of your colors, a piece of jewelry, or your initials embroidered on a handkerchief tucked away.

And a Sixpence in Her Shoe

Back in the Middle Ages, the superstitious used good luck charms to bring good luck, fortune, and wealth to the marriage. A silver sixpence (British coin) was placed in the brides left shoe before walking down the aisle.

Traditions and superstitions, many play along for the fun of it and some just aren’t taking chances.

Something old, something new,

Something borrowed, something blue,

And a sixpence in her shoe.

And a sixpence in her shoe.

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