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Event Planning

Class Reunions: Was high school really that long ago?


Was high school really that long ago? It doesn’t feel like it until we look at our Senior pictures and we realize, yes, it was!

Photos, yearbooks, life-long friends, and those memory making moments are in the rear view mirror of our lives. Then, we blink, and our class reunion is quickly approaching.

Raintree is the perfect destination for class reunions. With two on-site destination options, from formal to casual, our Grand Ballroom and Grill offers a range of perks.

A formal setting in our Grand Ballroom, we are proud to offer you three (3) large stone fireplaces, a large dance floor, seating up to 350 guests, and complimentary screen & projector, podium & microphone, linens, and centerpieces. You can choose plated options, buffet dinner options, or an open house-style Hors d’oeuvre reception.

A casual gathering in Raintree’s Grill, wrapped in windows overlooking the golf course, comes with a full bar and casual seating. With plenty of space for a buffet dinner or Hors d’oeuvres, friends reunite in a casual atmosphere with extended access to fresh air on the patio with umbrella tables, a cabana for a DJ, and a fire pit. Linens and centerpieces are also complimentary in the Grill.

Whether you are 10 years, 20 years, or 40 years out, a class reunion does not have to be a huge endeavor. In fact, a more casual event has become quite the trend. Raintree’s Grill is a perfect destination for smaller reunions up to 75 guests.

If you are looking at a 50th high school reunion, this is a big seller, and a more formal evening is recommended. People attend this one who may have never attended before and there is the unspoken, you do not know if you will see each other again. Lives have changed drastically in the years since graduation and thanks to Facebook and social media reconnecting is made easier.

You are here, reconnecting, and having more fun than you expected, it is time for a new class photo! Our stone bridge is a photographer’s destination for photos at Raintree or capture the moment in front of our large stone fireplace. Capture the memory, you are among friends.


  1. Keep it affordable so everyone can attend
  2. Break the virtual ice and find old classmates beforehand on social networks
  3. A cash bar keeps cost down and those who want a drink may
  4. Have classmates pre-pay in advance for their tickets
  5. Raintree provides complimentary linens in your school colors
  6. Request a quote, to know exactly how much each ticket will cost and you know what to up charge to cover miscellaneous items such as cake, desserts, decorations, and if you are doing prizes
  7. Set up a table with yearbooks, a Letterman's jacket, sports trophies, etc.
  8. Set a memorial table with candles to create a tribute to classmates who have passed away, to honor the deceased
  9. Have name tags for classmates to wear and introduce yourself to classmates you have not seen in years
  10. Look at everyone with new eyes and a forgiving heart

Stop by with your planning committee for a tour and plan on staying a bit longer catching up with one another.

It was such a pleasure working with Dawn in planning our 50th class reunion! She was so friendly and really helpful! The venue itself is amazing. We were able to decorate the huge room to go along with our theme “Let’s Go to the Hop”! The food we chose for our buffet was awesome! If anyone is looking for a great place for an event, then Raintree is the place to go!